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Shower Survey

On average, how many showers do you have per day? (Select 1.5 if some days you shower twice and some days once. Select .5 if you shower once every 2nd day - if less you are ineligible for this survey).

On average, approximately how many minutes do you take to have a shower?

Do you have a water saver showerhead installed?   If unsure, click here.

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To calculate your daily personal water savings please select from the boxes above then click the CALCULATE SAVINGS button, you may change your details as often as you wish and ONLY when you are happy with your contribution shown below should you click COMMIT.

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Your commitment will be added to Australia's Daily Water Saving Tally (seen top right of this web site) once you click the link sent to you via your e-mail address.

Should you wish to change your commitment, simply do the survey again. VERY IMPORTANT - you need to ensure you submit your original times before any cutbacks. When you are satisfied with the calculation, click the "Commit to Savings" button. When the signup page appears, rather than typing in your details again, just click "login here!!" (in red) and type in your e-mail address and the password that we e-mailed to you when you made your original commitment and click the submit button.

Thank you for participating in this water conservation effort!


How to Have a One Minute Shower

Follow these steps and potentially save up to 90 litres of water every shower! (Calculations based on the average person taking a 5 minute shower and who currently has a high flow shower head installed)

Install a water saver shower head. This cuts water usage from up to 20 litres a minute to down around 10 litres a minute. It’s also worth checking with your local city council to see if they are part of the free water saving shower head exchange program. This means you can trade in your old shower head for a free, new, water efficient model. However, installation is extra unless you do it yourself.
Buy a water resistant shower timer/clock with suction cup as seen right. These can be purchased from Mitre 10, Bunnings, Spotlight or Howard’s Storage World for around $15.95. Ring your nearest store to check they are in stock.
Water Resistant Shower Timer
Start taking one minute showers. Once your shower head is installed, instead of using 50 litres of water as you would in a five minute period, you will only be using 10 litres

Step by step instructions for a one minute shower: -

Wet your soap quickly under a tap or use liquid soap and apply where required. This process includes the application of special facial cleansers if you use them.
Turn the shower on, hit the timer and while the water is warming up, wash the soap off your arms and legs. When warm, rinse off your body and face as quickly as possible.
Don’t daydream – time is critical! As soon as the soap is off, so is the shower tap.

Want to know how to wash and condition your hair in one minute of flowing water? Simply follow these steps using the stop/start on your timer to keep to the times specified.
Tilt your head back under the shower head and turn on the water for five seconds to wet your hair. It will most likely be cold so for comfort try to keep it on the hair only.
Turn off the shower.
Shampoo your hair as you would normally. It’s wet – it will lather up. Take your time. There’s no rush as no water is being wasted.
Turn on the shower just on the hair if the water is still cold (and unless you have a high tech shower head or instant hot water, it probably will be) for 10-15 seconds.
Turn off the shower.
Put on your conditioner and comb or brush it through if that’s what you normally do. Again, there is no rush as no water wastage is happening.
While waiting for the conditioner to do its job, apply cleansing agents to your face and body. You can even shave if applicable!
Turn on the shower and you will now have 40-45 seconds to wash the cleansing agents off your body and the conditioner out of your hair.

Extra water saving tip: - Have a bucket in the shower to catch water to use on your plants or to flush the toilet.

Most importantly – HAVE FUN! Treat it like a game. Really come to love your timer. If you can shower in less than a minute, more power to you! The environment will thank you.

“Show your power! Have a one minute shower!”

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