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Shower Survey

On average, how many showers do you have per day? (Select 1.5 if some days you shower twice and some days once. Select .5 if you shower once every 2nd day - if less you are ineligible for this survey).

On average, approximately how many minutes do you take to have a shower?

Do you have a water saver showerhead installed?   If unsure, click here.

Are you prepared to have a water saver showerhead installed?
Committed new showers per day ?
Committed new minutes per shower ?

To calculate your daily personal water savings please select from the boxes above then click the CALCULATE SAVINGS button, you may change your details as often as you wish and ONLY when you are happy with your contribution shown below should you click COMMIT.

Water consumption before commitment was shower/s for minute/s using ltrs
Water consumption after commitment is shower/s for minute/s using ltrs
Your total personal water saving tally is ltrs

Your commitment will be added to Australia's Daily Water Saving Tally (seen top right of this web site) once you click the link sent to you via your e-mail address.

Should you wish to change your commitment, simply do the survey again. VERY IMPORTANT - you need to ensure you submit your original times before any cutbacks. When you are satisfied with the calculation, click the "Commit to Savings" button. When the signup page appears, rather than typing in your details again, just click "login here!!" (in red) and type in your e-mail address and the password that we e-mailed to you when you made your original commitment and click the submit button.

Thank you for participating in this water conservation effort!


Not sure if you have a high flow or low flow
showerhead? Do the following test: -

You will need: -

  • a bucket
  • a timer
  1. Turn on your shower to the maximum flow possible.
  2. Hold a bucket under the flowing showerhead catching
    every drop for 15 seconds - you will need a timer
    of some description - a watch with a second hand will do.
  3. As soon as 15 seconds is up, remove the bucket from
    under the showerhead and turn off the shower.
  4. Using a one litre measuring jug, measure how many litres of water you managed to capture in your bucket.
  5. Multiply the result by 4. If you find you have around thirteen litres or above, you have a high flow showerhead. If you find you have twelve litres or under, you have a low flow showerhead.

You can change from a high flow showerhead to a low flow in a variety of ways. The cheapest option for a DIY person is to install a water restricter that comes in six, eight, ten and twelve litre increments (we suggest you don’t go higher than ten) or you can replace the current showerhead with a low flow showerhead.

It is worth noting that some water providers are offering free low flow shower heads if you bring in your old one. It is then simply a matter of installing the new shower head by following the instructions provided.

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